CSI prides itself on the close relationships we have built with our world leading chemical supply and manufacturing partners. So that you are able to learn more about these partners and the products we are able to supply consider the provided information and feel free to browse directly to our partner sites.


Taken from Italian, the word Potenza means Power or Strength. Potenza products are designed to meet our customer demands for superior lubricants. Discover how using the correct lubricant can show substantial savings by helping to maximise equipment efficiency, improve equipment life, and reduce downtime. From the latest technology synthetic products to tried-and-tested mainstream lubricants, Potenza Oils has a product for your requirements.

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We offer modular solutions which optimize production cycles involving liquids in an ecological and economic way. MKR-Systems recycle all types of process media by cleaning and treating them. This is good for your income statements as well as for the environmental assessment of production and waste management companies.

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Daubert Cromwell is a global manufacturer of corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging products used by customers in metal stamping and fabricating, heavy equipment, automotive, electronics and other industries where corrosion prevention is critical. Since 1948, quality manufacturers have trusted Daubert Cromwell to protect valuable metals during all stages of production, storage and shipment.

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Zeller+Gmelin is a specialist for industrial lubricants and offers products and solutions for the most diverse areas of use. We are producers of high-quality industrial lubricants for all kind of industry including wire-drawing agents, deep-drawing lubricants and high performance DIVINOL greases.

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Quaker meets and exceeds industry demands for high-performance fluids. For decades, we’ve been unrelenting in our focus in the Aerospace, Aluminium, Automotive, Can Making, Mining, Steel and Tube and pipe industries. Meeting your needs when it comes to product performance, bottom line costs and environmental concerns. We serve various industries in every corner of the world with superior technical quality, unique expertise and unparalleled service.

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