The metalworking fluid (coolant) cost should account for 1% of the total cost of the machining process (the other costs when producing parts on a machine tool include the machine cost, material cost, tooling costs, labour costs, energy costs and others). 1% is a small percentage but if the incorrect coolant is chosen the percentage and costs increase disproportionately.

There are many different factors that need to be considered when choosing the correct product for an application. These factors include the direct cost of the product and indirect costs.

Always Consider The Indirect Costs of Using The Incorrect Coolant

This includes:

  • The cost of the machining tool (the tool that removes the material from the part). The machining tool (drill, tap, insert, reamer etc.) is a specialized piece of equipment that is made of specific and hardened material and is designed to last as long as possible due to its high cost.

One of the coolant’s functions is to provide enough lubricity and cooling to the tool to ensure that the tool reaches its expected tool life (a predetermined number of cuts or holes that the tool must produce). If the incorrect coolant is used in the process the tools break or fail before they reach tool life resulting in expensive and unnecessary replacements. This also results in a break in production. Machine downtime is the result which adds pressure to the process.

  • Compatibility between the coolant and the part (the item being made) is also crucial. If the wrong product is chosen, the material may be damaged either structurally or visually and this will lead to the build-up of scrap which is often an unbudgeted and unnecessary expense.
  • Electrical costs of machining or grinding and the labour cost to complete the process.
  • Health and Safety
  • Waste Disposal

The correct product ensures efficiency of the machining or grinding process resulting in a stable production environment. Conversely, the incorrect product can contribute to escalating costs which could have been avoided by focusing on the total cost approach.

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