Chemical Solutions and Innovations (CSI) developed a unique system that includes a range of specialised services to manage the products supplied by it to industry.  CSI has a proven track record that this system allows the customer to achieve optimal output, reduce costs and improve on its overall performance.  Our CMS program consists of a multi-tier approach to strategically optimise customer operations. With its specialised team and holistic approach, CSI is able to conduct a chemical audit, supply the correct product, manage it, facilitate overall improvement and cost reduction. 

The CMS program consists of 4 different levels to cater for individual operational and production requirements, these four levels can be summarised as follows:

Level 3 & 4 CMS programs are customised to the client’s needs which can include equipment:

Getting started with CSI’s CMS

CSI understands that each client has their own unique needs and requirements for their operations. With the unique needs of each customer, our introduction to the CMS follows a general approach:

Our approach to Chemical Management Services


We noticed that customers are using products without any kind of audit being conducted, resulting in problems with their operations, high running costs and them feeling frustrated.


CSI has the expertise and experience to recommend the best product coupled with a CMS program allowing for an in-depth understanding of the customer operation ensuring best methods to reduce cost, improve operations and improve waste reduction. We add value which extends past the sale of a product.

Transforming the way your company applies chemistry

Core sectors of Chemical Management Services

Our experience in Chemical Management Services

With over 100 years of experience in metalworking fluids and lubricants along with highly-specialised Chemists, CSI approaches chemical management in a way no other company can match. Our experience makes us industry leaders in Chemical Management Services.

Innovation at its core

We offer continued support and improvement by adjusting to clients’ operations, supply best products and manufacturing equipment to support customer needs.