The shutdown period which typically runs for three weeks over the Christmas period is a time for relaxing and recharging the batteries after many long hours of production and stress.

For many CNC machine shop owners, they have the following options:

  1. Cleaning the CNC machines and disposing of the fluid by utilising a registered waste removal company for proper fluid removal.
  2. Cleaning the CNC machines and then placing the “old” fluid back into the machines and also treating with system cleaner (Potenzaclean 86 T1)
  3. Just switching the machines off and dealing with the situation (possibly low pH’s) at start up in January.

At CSI we believe that options 1 and 3 are not ideal. Dumping the fluid is costly and often unnecessary. We have always taken the approach of conducting an analysis first. We insist on taking samples and analysing the coolant to determine the condition of the fluid before deciding.

If the analysis report shows that the fluid is in a poor state and cannot be treated the recommendation would be to dump the fluid which will be linked to a deep clean of the machine/s.

The machine tank is the breeding ground of the biological contaminants in the machine and the addition of Potenzaclean 86 T1 which serves to kill microorganisms needs to run through the machine for 24 hours before dumping the fluid. Thereafter the CSI team can clean the machine thoroughly to remove the build up of swarf, sludge and biological masses.

If the fluid is still in a good state there are different options to consider (option 2).

The first option is to treat the coolant with a low percentage of Potenzaclean 86 T1 and pump the fluid into holding tanks for storage over the shutdown period. The most important aspect of storing coolant is to ensure that the fluid circulates. The movement of the fluid promotes the introduction of oxygen into the coolant which prevents the growth of anaerobic (oxygen hating) bacteria. These bacteria are the primary cause of coolant degradation over time.

Secondly, if the customer insists on leaving the coolant in the machine (option3) the best course of action is to treat the fluid with Potenzaclean 86 T1 and circulate the fluid for 24 hours before shutting the machine off. Hereafter weekly circulation is recommended.

CSI works hard to extend the sump life (time taken between dumping coolant) of the coolant in our customers machines and the efficiency of the coolant laboratory in Port Elizabeth plays a major role in extending sump life of the coolant.

The above steps have proven to be very effective over the years. A few simple steps is all it takes to start the New Year on a good footing!